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We specialize in digital marketing and search engine optimization for businesses in the yachting industry.

With years of experience in digital marketing, SEO, and website design and creation, we offer cutting edge strategies to improve your online footprint. We help companies improve their organic search rankings, boost local SEO campaigns, and build stunning websites to retain customers.

And we offer all that, exclusively, to the yachting community.



By ONLY working with specific areas of the yachting industry, we have truly become the yacht marketing & SEO experts you need us to be.

Before we consider working together, we need to make sure we will be a good fit. We want to genuinely believe we can improve your marketing before taking you on as a client.


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We have inspirational and helpful SEO and website tips that can be implemented with your own website.

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1. It enables you to reach your audience - There are 3 billion people worldwide with access to the internet now.

2. It's more effective than traditional advertising - SEO is extremely targeted.

3.. Provides a great return on investment (ROI) - Good SEO work improves traffic, targeted leads, and ultimately sales.


Google's algorithm never intended to allow someone to buy a domain today, put up content tomorrow, and then rank on the first page next week. No... their algorithm gives higher rankings to authority websites; the ones that have earned their authority and trust month in and month out. So, our job is to prove to Google that YOU are authoritative enough to rank higher and higher in the search rankings.

And we can do that by sending the right signals to Google through quality content, providing a good user experience, and obtaining high quality links; but it’s also about time.


The reality is that you earn Google's trust over time. You can’t make a few tweaks today, build a few links tomorrow, and then stop doing SEO. That mentality will never prove to Google that you are an authority and worth their trust. Remember, proper SEO is not a “quick fix”. It’s about getting the ball rolling and then keeping that ball rolling as it continues to pick up more and more momentum.

In the end, SEO is all about consistency; week after week, month after month. If you can send that “consistency signal” to Google, then your authority and trust will naturally build in their eyes. The result will be higher rankings with increased traffic, leads, and revenue.

That’s what we want to do for you; nothing crafty, sly, or dodgy with Google’s list of don’ts. We play by their rules. We grind out good SEO month after month, and doing so builds your site in a proper way that will improve your online footprint. Unfortunately, doing so just takes time!

As a rule of thumb, it typically takes 6-12 months for a brand-new site to really start getting some Google love with good SEO work. In addition, established sites can expect 2-4 months after correcting and revamping SEO efforts before seeing results, and that’s if your site hasn’t been penalized for any reason.

Regardless of these initial time frames, we are so confident in our SEO abilities that we promise to get the SEO ball moving in the right direction before day 90 or we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

The State of SEO & Online Marketing in the Yacht Rental Industry

We analyzed some of the biggest brands in Yacht rentals and charters to find out who is doing a great job with their SEO and internet marketing efforts and who may need a bit of help on the journey…

We looked at 55 websites that are currently ranking for 27 keywords worth 18,080 monthly searches per month. Check out the results… they may surprise you.

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